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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Big Reveal!!!

So today was the day we had been waiting for!! I had taken the day off of work which worked out really nice because Tom was off as well since he just got back from a golf trip in the Dominican Republic. We had our 20 week appointment/ultrasound at 11 am. I was so excited I barely slept the night before.

We arrived at the doctors and didn't have to wait long before they took us in. We had a wonderful ultrasound technician, she was so friendly and explained everything that she was seeing on the screen and the "blueberry," was so cooperative!!! We got to see the heart, lungs, spine, kidneys, feet, arms, and then it was time for the "Big Reveal!!!" The technician asked if we had any clue as to the sex or if we preferred one over the other and neither of us had any idea! Then she showed us that the "blueberry," was a GIRL!!! We were so incredibly excited!! I couldn't even concentrate the whole rest of the visit. 

After the appointment we went to lunch and then my Mom, Dad, Nick, Chris, Grandma, Erin and Nate came over for dinner!! After we ate we had everyone guess what the baby was and then we told them it was a GIRL!! The votes were split, but everyone was super excited!!


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