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Monday, October 6, 2014

Two Month Letter!!!!

Dear AnnaLynne.
Wow!!! You are two months old already!!! You are changing so much everyday. I feel like you are growing up way too fast. Mommy and Daddy are enjoying every minute with you and you put smiles on each of our faces everyday. This past month you have really become a little person. You are smiling and cooing all the time. The best part of your day is in the morning. You wake up so happy and always have a smile on your face. You just make the mornings so delightful!!
You are still enjoying eating and sleeping. You sometimes are even up to taking 5oz bottles.We have given you formula and breastmilk and you seem to really like the formula you are on now.  This was not an easy task though. You were very fussy for a couple weeks as we were trying to figure out the bottles and formula that would work for you. We have found what you like and are sticking with it.  You are still gassy though but that as well is not upsetting you as much as it was.
You are still sleeping in our room in your Rock n Play and you love that as well. I know one day we will have to move you to your crib, but for right now we like having you nice and close. You like sleeping in the car as well,  which is good becasue otherwise it could make for very long car rides.

You got a new swing this month that you love as well. You just stare at yourself up in the mirror and love the little guys on the mobile. We just look over at you and you are smiling and laughing. You still use your MammaRoo, but this new swing seems to be more interactive for you.
You are enjoying the tub more and you actually dont mind having your hair washed now. You still get upset when we take you out of the tub, but we think that you just get chilly. Once we have your clothes on though you are much happier.
This month you attended your first birthday party for Nora and met your great grandparents MeMom and Pop Pop. They thought you were absolutely adorable!!
Mommy is really enjoying being home with you and dreading going back to work. I feel good though knowing you will be staying with GiGi and she will take good care of you. Hopefully time slows down a little bit though because you are growing up way too fast!!!
I love you baby girl and can't wait to see what the next month brings.

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