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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Four Month Letter!!! -Delayed!!! Forgot to Post

Dear AnnaLynne,

You are four months old!! This has been an exciting month for you. You got to celebrate your first holiday... HALLOWEEN!!! We spent a whole week wearing different Halloween outfits and celebrating this fun holiday. You were so cute!! Pics in previous post Halloween

Mommy and Daddy are amazed on how much you have really developed a personality this month. You have been smiling like crazy and your face just lights up a room. We have been doing lots of tummy time and you enjoy sitting up in your Bumbo. You still enjoy the tummy time but you would much rather sit up, with assistance. You have good head control but you are still a little floppy when it comes to sitting by yourself. My guess is by Christmas time you will be sitting up. 
We celebrated two Baptisms this month and another birthday for your cousin John. In the earlier part of the month we went to Amelia's Baptism and then Caroline's Christening. You were so well behaved at both of them. You slept almost the whole time at Amelia's and for part of Caroline's. Then we went to John's Birthday party and you were so well behaved there as well and you loved seeing all of your cousins. You slept most of the way to their house up in Newton, but you stayed awake the whole way home!! I was shocked because you always fall asleep in the car. I guess you weren't very tired. 

TALKING & TEETHING!!! You have started talking to us in addition to all of your smiling. It's so funny to listen to you talk. I think when it actually comes time to talk you are never going to stop. It's so fun to listen to you!! We definitely
think you are beginning to get teeth. You have been drooling like crazy, rosie cheeks and fussy at times. Mommy keeps feeling for the teeth, but I don't feel anything yet. Hopefully they will come in soon so you don't get so upset. 

We have finally started a bedtime routine and you seem to be doing pretty well with it. In the beginning you were a little fussy, but I think that had to do with you fighting a little cold. Now we rock you in the chair and give you a bottle and you are usually asleep by 8:00 sometimes a bit earlier. You are still waking up between 1-2 times during the night but you take a bottle and go right back to sleep and then wake up are 6:30-7. Daddy usually takes you in the morning and let's Mommy sleep in a little bit longer until he leaves for work. Then we start our day!! 

I can't wait to see what the next month will bring!! It will be exciting though because you will be celebrating your first THANKSGIVING!!! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!!!

Happy 4 Months Baby Girl!!!

Love You,

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