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Friday, April 10, 2015

Five for Friday!!!

Happy Friday!!! What a great week this has been!! It has been so nice to be home with AnnaLynne while school is closed for spring break. Although I did have to go back to work today for a half day to make up a snow day, the rest of the week was fun.

We celebrated AnnaLynne's first Easter this past Sunday and it was really nice. The weather was absolutely beautiful, we were even able to get some outdoor pictures taken. We celebrated Easter at my Aunt and Uncle's which we do every year. It was so nice to get together with family and for AnnaLynne to play with her cousins. My aunt did a wonderful job with dinner as she does every year. Before we went for dinner though AnnaLynne opened up her first of 3 Easter baskets and she loved all the toys inside. We think she loved the remote control the best. We decided to get her, her own remote control and cell phone as she is always putting our in her mouth.
AnnaLynne Easter Basket

Playtime!!! AnnaLynne had an enormous amount of playtime this week with Mommy, which was nice since usually I am at work. She got these new squirters from her Aunt Erin and cousin Nate for Easter. They are so cute and she loves putting them in her mouth. I have to say they are possibly a good teething toy as well.

Garlic Chicken. I tried this new chicken this week which was absolutely adorable. My sister belongs to this group Frontier Co-op which is absolutely wonderful for organic products. They have food, baby items, household items, etc. If you have the privilege to join this I would highly recommend it, the prices are good and its all organic. We have so many products from here and the company is just wonderful!!!

I have been looking for a couple new pieces of spring clothing to update my wardrobe. I usually stick to basic pieces like cardigans, t's, jeans, etc. I try to find things that I can interchange between work and weekends. I saw Old Navy had some cute spring pieces as well as the gap. Plus Old Navy is running a great sale.
I am in search of a good travel bed for AnnaLynne for the summer. We are spending a week at the beach in July and then another week in the Outer Banks in August. If anyone has any suggestions I am interested. She does not like the pack in play, and she will be one in July so something that is not to small would be awesome!!!

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