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Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!!

I'm very happy that it is Friday!! Here's to a weekend with both my loves. Normally I would be dreading another summer day down come August, but I'm actually not worrying since I will still be on maternity leave come September!!!

AnnaLynne and I had a lot of outings this week. The weather has been really nice which has allowed us to go outside and be busy. We had a great lunch out yesterday with my friend Jenn and her daughter Caroline. We ate outside and really enjoyed ourselves. AnnaLynne slept the entire time. We are hoping for more outings soon.

Selfies!!! I was never really interested in selfies, but AnnaLynne and I have done two this week. With Tom going back to work we wanted to send him some photos of the two of us. Hopefully soon she will be smiling in the pictures as well:) 

We have spent some of the days this week shopping and looking for some pants for this little one. I seem to have tons of onesies but no pants to go with them. My mom and I set out on a couple days to find  some new pants for this girl. We did find some which now allows her to wear some of the cute onesies that she has. 

Snacks!! I am absolutely loving this snack of Wheat Thins and Philadelphia garden vegetable cream cheese. I had this at my friend Meghan's a couple of weeks ago and then had to go out and buy it for myself. If you haven't tried this snack yet, I highly recommend it!!! What snacks do you like?

Weekend time!! I can't wait to spend the weekend with my little munchkin and Tom!!! The weekends are the best because we get to spend them together. 

I'm linking  up with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm for " Oh Hey, Friday!"


  1. Cute selfies! I'm so glad you like the snack! It's so addicting right!?

  2. I gotta try that dip! And baby girl is sooo precious!