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Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Month letter!!

Dear AnnaLynne,

You are SEVEN months old!! Mommy is actually on time this month with your letter. You have had an amazing month so far and you are growing up way too quickly. I am amazed at how much you have changed over the months and the little personality you have developed. Spending time with you is just priceless and Daddy and I just can't get enough.

This month we celebrated Valentine's Day. Although we didn't do anything fancy, we did go to the mall and out to Olive Garden for dinner. All of the waitresses loved you and were talking about how cute you are. I have to say you are an extremely cute baby!!! We read to you the Night Before Valentine's Day and you liked it. We read it on Valentine's Day though because you were sleepy the night before. Daddy got you 3 beautiful pink roses and a little monkey with a heart that you love to chew on.
We tried some new combinations of food this month and I have got you to start liking carrots. We mix it with applesauce and you can't get enough of them. We also started Mum Mum's and Yogurt. You are really enjoying both of them. One of your favorite combinations is yogurt with mangos. Mommy is still making all of your food, which I do enjoy doing, plus I know everything that you are eating which makes me happy.

You are moving around so much more now!! You are not quite crawling yet but you do the army crawl, to get what you want. I think it will be super soon when you start crawling and boy are we going to be in trouble.
You are still enjoying your crib and are sleeping more and more in there. We even put you in there for naps on the weekends. Mommy and Daddy are even able to get more sleep now that you are sleeping in the crib. We usually put you in no later than 8:30 and you usually sleep until 7:30, with one waking during the night.

Below are some of your favorites this month!! Please stop growing up so quickly!!
Happy 6 Months Baby Girl!!!

Love You,

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