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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I am a little late with my update this week!! The week has been pretty crazy with all the snow, which I am definitely tired of seeing at this point. I am ready for warmer weather and less layers.
Tom and I are excited to be celebrating Valentine's Day with a nice dinner at
Two Fifty Two in Bedminster. 
How far along: 16 weeks

Total weight gain: I went for my monthly checkup on Tuesday and I have gained 1 pound. So at this point I am back to the original weight I started at.

Maternity clothes: Yes!!! I am loving my new clothing collection. My wallet doesn't love it so much, but it is always nice to have some new clothes.

Stretch marks: Nope!!! Still using (

Sleep: Overall I am sleeping much better. I tend to get up once during the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but overall the sleeping is much better than the first trimester.

Best moment of this week: Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment and got to see the little "blueberry's" heartbeat. The rate was in the 150's and the doctor is guessing boy, but the last appointment they said girl, so who knows. We just can't wait to find to find out next month.

Miss anything: This week I missed out on having clams when I was at my mom's. They looked and smelled so good. I can't wait until the summer when I can start eating them again.

Movement: Nothing yet, but the doctor says I should start feeling something within the next couple weeks.

Food cravings: Clams this week!!! Overall though I still love eating fruit and breakfast foods. This week it has been back again to cereal and bagels.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, cooking meat does not always work out so well. I don't mind so much eating it, but the preparing is definitely more difficult.

Have you started to show yet: Yes, there is a bump!

Gender: Don't know yet, still a couple more weeks!!! 

Labor signs: Not at all.

Belly button in or out: Still staying in.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!! This has been a good week!! Snowy but a nice week.

Looking forward to: Dinner for Valentine's Day with Tom!!

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