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Monday, November 3, 2014

AnnaLynne's Halloween Week


Halloween was super special this year and we actually celebrated it for a week. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but the holidays are my favorite time of year!!  With it being AnnaLynne's first Halloween, I decided to make it super special for her and have outfits for her to wear everyday of the week. My mom had actually started the collection of outfits when she gave us a year full of holiday clothes for AnnaLynne at my shower. We got a couple of other cute things that I saw in the stores as well. 

We started celebrating right before Halloween, when we had gone to pick apples at Alsteade Farms, which was lots of fun. AnnaLynne enjoyed the time with her cousins. We then picked apples, and pumpkins again with The Fish's, but AnnaLynne slept through most of that trip. 

On Tuesday,  AnnaLynne and I went to dinner with my co-teacher Amy and Gina. It was nice to get together with them. We try to do it as often as possible, but it doesn't always work with people's schedules. AnnaLynne got to wear her Snow White dress that she got from Grammy at my shower.

On Wednesday, we went and picked pumpkins at Horse Sleigh Farm by my mom in Washington, NJ. AnnaLynne and I went with my mom, sister and Nate. We all enjoyed picking pumpkins and riding on the hayride. I love the memories that her and Nate are creating together.

On Thursday AnnaLynne and I went to Mommy and Me Yoga in Montclair with my friend Jenn and her daughter Caroline (AnnaLynne's best buddy). I was a really cute class and she enjoyed it, wearing her pumpkin outfit. On Friday, before we went Trick or Treating we spent some time at my moms and then went to Frenchtown with Nate to go trick or treating. They put on an amazing Halloween!! I can't wait until AnnaLynne gets bigger and really understands the whole thing.  

It was definitely an enjoyable 1st Halloween!!! 


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