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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Favorite Things Link Up

I'm so excited for this time of year!! I just absolutely love Christmas time. Today I am sharing my Christmas wishlist with the big link up. Below are some items that are on my Christmas List this year!!

Favorite Things- Christmas

1. Navy Puffy Vest (m)- I hate always wearing a coat. Yet living in the northeast the weather does get very cold. I have wanted a navy puffy vest for a long time, I have just had a hard time finding one that I liked. So hopefully this one will do the trick. 

2. Riesling- Can I say more!!! Who doesn't love a nice cold glass of wine??? I know I do. Riesling is definitely one of my favorite types of wines. I do have a couple favorites which include: Eroica, SeaGlass and Relax.

3. Scarfs!!! I absolutely love scarfs. They seem to really add a lot to any outfit. I do have a whole box of them,but this year I am looking for an infinity scarf that has reds in it. 

4. Pajamas- These are one of my favorite gifts. I just love a new crisp pair of pajamas. I'm really not picky on where the pajamas come from, but  I do like them to be soft. Pajama bottoms are definitely a staple in my sleepy time wardrobe. Pajama Set (M)

5. Black Skinny Jeans- I have been searching for awhile now for the perfect pair of black skinny jeans. I have narrowed it down now to two pairs. So either one of these would make a great Christmas gift. Old Navy(size 8), Loft (size 8)

6. Pyrex!!- I just need more storage.Not sure about this store, but lots of stores have sets on sale during Black Friday!!!

7. Black booties- I have been looking again for the longest time for a pair of black booties. I thought over the weekend I had found a pair but they were sold out of my size and I have yet to find them in another store. Aerosoles makes them and I would love to get my hand on a pair of them.

8. Wine Candles- I saw these candles months ago and honestly I would love to get one for the holidays. I have wanted to buy one for myself, I just didn't want to spend the money. Hopefully Santa is listening and this will appear under the Christmas Tree!!

So these are just a few of my Favorite Things. I will be linking up for the next 3 weeks with 


  1. I love Riesling but have never tried SeaGlass before.. guess I have to add it to my list!

  2. I love scarves and pj bottoms too. So comfy!

  3. Love those pj pants!