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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Stocking Stuffers for Her

Today is the second week of my Favorite Things...Stocking Stuffer time. Here are a few of my favorite stocking stuffers for both women and baby girls. With it being AnnaLynne's first Christmas, some of these treats may appear in her stocking this year. Who doesn't love little goodies to put in that holiday stocking???

1. Lip Gloss: I absolutely love lip gloss and can't get enough of it. I love all the different flavors and colors. I saw these cute little ones at Forever 21 and I love that it comes in a set of 3 for such a great price.

2. Nail Polish: I am always looking for a new color to paint my nails. Although I don't paint them often, when I do I like something in the red family. This hue looks like a great Christmas/ Winter staple.

3. Ribbon Hair Ties: I haven't tried these yet, but I have seen them in like a million stores. Sephora has them in so many different colors. I would be happy with any of the sets.

4. Socks: I always enjoy a new pair of socks. With going back to work in December, these will come in handy with my boots. I love the decorations on these and they are quite festive. Old Navy is running a great deal on them as well $6.50 for two pairs.

5. Gloves: These tech gloves look nice and I do like the crisp white color. They are fleece which will also keep chilly hands warm. These also come in a variety of colors and have scarves and hats to match as well.

Baby Stocking Stuffers

1. Teether: With a little one at home who has started teething, these look adorable. I love the colors and it also comes in blue as well. 

2. Spoon: My daughter got a couple of these at my shower from my best friend whose son loved them. I can't wait to use them with AnnaLynne, now that she will be starting on solid foods. I like that they are soft and good for on the go with the nice plastic carrying case. I am a huge fan of OXO products and an't wait to start using their baby products as well.

3 Bath Toys: I already bought these for the tubby. She is going to love them!! I can't wait to see her play with them. Although I'm sure they will go in her mouth before she even knows what to do with them. These come in a pack of 5 or 10.

4. Socks: I love these cute socks that look like they are wearing shoes. We had a couple of these when she was born, but she has outgrown those. I can't wait to pick up some more of these fancy little socks. Amazon has lots of cute choices to choose from and they come in a 3 pack.

5. Pacifier Clip: AnnaLynne is forever losing her pacifier. Whether it be in the car seat or it just drops out of her mouth. Nothing is worse then trying to find a pacifier with a screaming kid. Although she doesn't always take the pacifier. These clips will come in handy. 

Join AprilEliseKatie, & Zelle to share your favorite stocking stuffer ideas this holiday season. 

1 comment:

  1. I like those hair ties too! They also look cuter when around your wrist compared to a regular hair tie!